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Current Initiatives

1. Centralized Resource for Relief Workers

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, many Mount Sinai faculty physicians and healthcare workers traveled throughout Haiti to provide medical care. Although some residents traveled there as well, many would-be volunteer House Staff felt stymied by various hurdles. We are establishing a centralized headquarters for House Staff relief workers. If you are a House Staff Officer interested in volunteering to be put on a "Physician Disaster Reserve", please email Serge Sicular ( to be added to the list. Should there be a disaster in the future and a need for physicians, our goal is to help you with insurance, funding, matching you with attending supervisors, as well as ensuring your compliance with your program requirements. Stay tuned for further details.


2. Housestaff-wide end-of-the-year party this coming June 2011. Stay tuned for details.


3. Hospital-wide surveys on work-hours, supervision, housing issues and educational debt in order to correct inequities among the House Staff. Stay tuned.


4. Establishing a House Staff Education Fund to support house staff educational initiatives.

5. Establishing The House Staff Benevolence Fund to provide financial support to fellow house officers who suffer catastrophic medical problems.

If you have suffered a catastrophic event and feel overwhelmed by financial pressures, perhaps we can help. Let us know how we can help.


6. Medical Salvage

We are currently investigating ways for Mt Sinai to limit its waste, including setting up charity bins for any equipment and supplies we would normally discard (i.e. hospital gowns and bedding, etc).


Do you have any proposals we have not thought about? Feel free to contact us at