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House Staff Council

The House Staff Council is the self-governing body and representative body of the interns, residents and fellows of the Mount Sinai Medical Center.


We provide House Staff representation on major Mount Sinai Medical Center institutional committees including the Medical Board and the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC). In so doing, the Council provides input on patient care policies, the community, and decisions affecting the house staff such as the efficient use of house staff time, salary and benefit planning. [Please refer to the Resources Committee to review details of our approved SALARY RAISE starting July 2011].

We also represent the House Staff across a broad range of issues concerning working conditions and housestaff well-being. In the future, the Council plans include: addressing house staff health care issues; conducting hospital-wide surveys on work-hours, supervision, and educational debt of house staff; participating in the establishment of a House Staff Education Fund to support house staff educational initiatives; affecting quality of life improvements such as on-call meal tickets, lobbying for childcare facilities and retirement funds; sponsoring educational seminars, with topics including malpractice and disability insurance and research grants and contract negotiations; hosting social events to bring together residents from all departments; establishing The House Staff Benevolence Fund to provide financial support to fellow house officers who suffer catastrophic medical problems.


To be effective, the Council needs the participation and assistance of all members of the house staff. Each department has at least one elected representative on the House Staff Council, which typically meets the last Thursday of every other month. However, our meetings our always open to all House Staff and your suggestions and comments are always necessary and welcome. Please see our schedule.


- April 7, 2011. Thanks to the efforts of Dean Charney, Dr. Scott Barnett of the Faculty Council, Paul Johnson of the GMEC, Caryn Tiger-Paillex of Human Resources, and the Housestaff Council Executive Committee, we are happy to announce a House Staff salary and benefits raise starting July 2011! Please refer to the Resources Committeefor additional details.

- April 6, 2011. Our thanks to Wayne Keathley, President of the Mount Sinai Hospital, for inviting members of the House Staff Council and the Medical Student Council to the NY Knicks game this past April 5, 2011.

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