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Frequently Asked Questions

Education-related questions

Q: How can I get more involved with interdisciplinary teaching?

A: Contact Chair of the Education Committee, Brijen Shah, MD. ( with any ideas for educational programs related to medical students, residents and fellows.

Resources-related questions

Q: Must residents pay for ACLS?

A: Currently this is on a Department basis (13 Departments reimburse for this).

Q: If you file for your state medical license late and receive it well into your PGY-3 year, do you get paid retroactively for the months your salary was not raised?

A: Currently Mt Sinai does not reimburse you for those missed months.

Work Environment-related questions

Q: Does everyone have to take the EPIC training session?

A: Yes, at least the online module. Click here to enroll.

House Staff Council-related questions

Q: When and where does the HSC meet?

A: The last Thursday of every other month at 5:30PM in the 5th Floor Boardroom of the Annenberg Building. Free Food is provided.

Q: Who can come to the meetings?

A: Every Department has at least one resident or fellow representative. All House Staff are welcome to come to any and all meetings. Stop by even for a few minutes to hear important announcements and to grab a bite.

Q: Wait a minute! You mean ANY Mount Sinai resident can get free food just by showing up!?

A: Yes.