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Education Committee

1. Residents Teaching Residents

Are you a resident or fellow that is knowledgeable about a subject we can all learn something about? Then email us to serve as a volunteer guest speaker to your fellow Housestaff from other specialties. Just let us know what topic you can educate the rest of us on (i.e. what residents need to know about ventilator settings, how to read an Abdominal X-ray, how to perform a quick Neurologic exam, etc). We will put your name on the list below so that other residents/fellows/medical students can contact you to give a group of them a talk.

Are you a medical student, resident or fellow that wants to learn something from the topics listed below? Just contact that speaker or one of us to set up a discussion.

  1. Ventilator settings
  2. Quick Neurologic exam
  3. Approach to reading an abdominal X-ray. Approach to reading a chest X-ray.
  4. Basics of protocoling CTs.
  5. Basic Pelvic exam

Any questions? Please contact the Chair of the Education Committee: Brijen Shah, MD (